Monday, October 19, 2009

Girly World

There is girly fun everywhere in our house. We spent the long weekend lounging and having a great time. My goodness that Eliza loves to be involved...and isn't she getting big!
While Laura is away at school Sara and Eliza really bond. Eliza just grins and grins at Sara.
Though, in this picture, she is grinning at Mommy. We haven't gotten a picture of the full-on grin, but here is her half smile while she is goo-ing at me!
And, Eliza is very tolerant of the Sara lovin'! My repeated cry is "Sara, get off her." Not because she is being mean, but because she is being overly loving. The other day she told me that she gave Eliza "three guys." But, this is what I found in Eliza's crib. Every bit of Sara loving Eliza is in this extreme!
One of my favorite things to do with Miss Sara while Laura is away at school is to snuggle with her on the couch. Now when I ask her to snuggle me on the couch she says "I go get a book". We spend a lot of time reading and snuggling. She loves to do that with my mom too.
It's getting cooler and the girls needed sweatshirts. Naturally, we bought Disney ones. We like the $8 price tag of them here at Wal-Mart instead of the $40 price tag at the park...and they are cute too. I love the hood on Sara's and now that Laura is in big girl sizes, hers is "cool."
Laura got a Mermaid for her birthday. Sara loved the mermaid and it was causing some trouble. So, we got Sara a Mermaid too. Her reaction to finding out it was for her was classic. It was almost out of the package before we checked out. Then "Mermaid come in car?" to which we replied "Of course, sweetie, it's yours. In fact, you can bring it into the house with you." "Ooohhh" "You can play with it in the tub the next time you take a bath" "Ooohhh, Thank you, Daddy, Thank you!" And they have not been out of her sight since. She is precious.


  1. I even took Friday off of work, so we had an extra special and long weekend. The girls are so much fun and Melinda and I can't get over how much all 3 girls love each other. We've been truly blessed!!!

  2. That is some serious love from Sara! That picture of all the toys in the crib just cracked me up! Good thing you could still find her in there!

  3. I think that pink is great! Enjoy all those girls...