Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Preview

We've had some Halloween fun before the actual day this year. It began with Stephanie's fabulous party that Jason and I attended. We had a great time getting to know new people, doing a fabulous scavenger hunt around SLC (which we won - Hooray), dining on good food (I made THIS pumpkin soup with less cumin and vegetarian friendly w/ vegetable broth) and enjoying everyone's clever villain costumes (we came as Bonnie and Clyde).
Then the girls went to a great Halloween Bash hosted by the YW of the ward. Jason was good enough to take them while I suffered with one of the worst kidney stones I've had in years. But, I got the girls ready and they posed for some pictures for me. And, they came home gushing about how much fun they had.
I adore their princess costumes this year. I love that they are comfy fabric, modest, fit correctly and that we will get a ton of use out of them. I got them HERE; yes, it's local and I love supporting local business. The costumes have already gotten a ton of use from the birthday party, regular dress-ups and we will use them in Disneyland. Sara just won't take hers off and she has some bruises to show for her tripping.
Today, Laura celebrated her first Halloween in school. The little girls, my parents and I went to see her parade. It was a fiasco, but Sara and Eliza were remarkably well behaved and Laura loved the support. Naturally, the little ones had to don Halloween shirts to support their sis today. Holidays are such fun for kids!!!


  1. I am glad that you got to have a fun night out with Jason. That is always nice! Your girls look great in their costumes. I really like Eliza's Halloween shirt. Have fun tonight!

  2. You two make an great Bonnie and Clyde...who knew! Great idea for a costume!

    The girls are as cute as ever.

  3. Your daughters are so cute! Love the "Mommy's little pumpkin" shirt!