Friday, October 09, 2009

Laura's Birthday - Family

Laura celebrated most of her birthday on Saturday because Conference Sunday does not lend to a fun birthday. After Breakfast With a Witch, we had to do a few errands and then watched the afternoon session of conference. Then my parents came over for Laura's birthday dinner. She requested Salmon, squash, noodles and pumpkin spice cake. She's a cool kid! (And with my parents there, we got some great pictures of the family and girls.)
She then opened my parent's presents (bathrobe, Tinkerbell towel and snow globe - her new collection - and "Now We are Six") and we sang to her and did the cake.
Laura decided she wanted to spread out her birthday, so she opened the presents from us (dressups, books, and Barbie and the Three Musketeers) and her other Grandparents (Webkin and Princess Book) on her actual day between Conference sessions. It was a great time and she felt thoroughly spoiled!


  1. She has such a cute infectious smile!

  2. She had an incredible birthday and she is so happy to be 6. What a cute little bug!!!

  3. What a great party with lots of lovely gifts and lots of love.

    I would loved to have been there and would have had I been feeling better. I won't miss next year!

    Happy Birthday to Laura!

  4. Love you sweetheart! Happy birthday.