Saturday, December 15, 2007

Finally In

May wonders never cease! We are finally in our new home. Why is this the first I am posting about it? Because the cable company had major issues in our new area and we have been surviving for a week without TV, Internet or a home phone. Now that the computer is reconnected to the world, I will reconnect to the blog.

I have no pictures because we are not unpacked and I was holding semi-sick girls (crazy rotavirus) while moving. But, stay tuned and I will post pictures as areas of the house are completed.

Thank you to everyone who helped us move. Family was wonderful: my nephews Jordan and Jeff, and my sister Tana and brother-in-law Matt, as well as J's Dad were particularly amazing! Also, we had a great turn-out from the new ward and a great friend from the old, Brian, help us. Another big "Thanks" to Jason's parents who cleaned the house while I dealt with sick girlies so that we could move in!

It feels great to be in and we are amazed with how much space we have, particularly with the basement still not completed.

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  1. Glad you had help, and glad the girls didn't have to be hospitalized with rotavirus.