Thursday, December 06, 2007

Fun Before Flu

We are just finally getting over a miserable couple of days with a nasty stomach virus. Sara started vomiting Sunday night and gave us quite a dehydration scare. But, after spending hours and hours giving her a teaspoon pedialyte every five minutes, she seems to have turned a corner. Laura caught it after Sara, and then Jason and I joined in. Sara still is having a few effects from it, but the rest of us seem much better.

Fortunately, before the flu hit, we got to have some good fun. We had wanted to spend Saturday at Zoo Lights, but the weather just did not cooperate. So, instead we took Laura to the Mayan restaurant. We have been telling her if she can eat like a big girl (feed herself and stay in her seat) that we'd take her to a fun restaurant. It was fun. Here she is entertaining Sara as we waited to be seated.
The food was quite good (a massive improvement from the last time I was there), they had a great kids menu, and the atmosphere and entertainment were loads of fun. Laura really loved watching the divers, looking at the decor, and sitting high up in a treehouse.
I got a chance to go out with my girlfriends to celebrate Karyn's birthday before her baby comes. It is always a grand time to be able to chat and laugh with all of them. Here we are showing off our outfits that were oddly color-coordinated.
Also, Laura helped put up Mom and Dad's Christmas tree. She showed major tenacity and hung almost every ornament on the tree by herself. She just loves "her" tree. Christmas time is just the best with kids!


  1. Glad to hear your all feeling better. Sorry, you missed zoo lights, maybe next year (and we'll come).

  2. Such a cute three generation picture! :)