Thursday, November 29, 2007

So Big

My girls are getting so big! It just shocks me sometimes. Please excuse the video-centric post showing how much they are growing.

Laura has become a wonderful singer and really enjoys memorizing new songs and is super fast at it. Here she is singing one of her new favorites and one of mine and my mom's old favorites.

Sara thinks she should be as big as Laura, so she has to join in with her! I can't help but crack up each time she does this. Sara also loves to sing in the car when Laura and I sing Primary Hymns.

Also, my darling Laura has really taken off on her reading skills. She has begun reading first reader books. Here is a video of her reading a new book to Grandma (kinda long...sorry). What in the world am I going to do with her for another year before she starts kindergarten?! (To see the video click HERE)

Sara has gotten big by working really hard on learning how to sit by herself. But for now she still needs the Boppy.

She has also developed tons of personality lately and loves to play. She loves to play with her sister; Laura can get her to smile when no one else can.

Also, she is very into a dive-bombing game with her Daddy and riding Grandma's horsey. (Note in the dive-bombing moving that she finally has enough hair to sorta wear a hair clip.)

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  1. Cute!!! Love Laura singing. It's so fun to have them learn new songs. And Sara sounds beautiful too!! That's funny. And the "where's sister" game looks like fun, but not as fun as "dive bombing Sara". Good post!