Monday, November 12, 2007

Preschool Outline - S and Patterns

Today we didn't make it through all the material. We couldn't do the sticker art project and we only counted to 30 and worked on 9 in the numbers section. The girls favorite parts were moving like the Ss words and making the necklaces for their sleepytime friends so they could find them in the dark. Here they are showing off their "guys" necklaces.


Show and Tell
Pledge of Allegiance
Recite the days of the week
Recite the months of the year with the new song


Tracer page
Write letter Ss and review letters Pp and Qq without tracer pages
Move Sneaky, Shake, Slither, Slide, Spin, Skip, Shuffle, Somersault, Sway, Swing

MATH – Counting and recognition

Count to 30 together
Flashcards of Numbers 1 – 20: recognition, put them in order
Sing song “The Ants go Marching”
Number 9 worksheets and writing
Number 9 without tracer page and review 8 without tracer page

CONCEPT – Patterns

Music and Movement
Have the girls each pick a move (and me) and repeat the pattern of moves
Continuation of a pattern of shapes
Continuation of a pattern of colors
Continuation of a pattern of sizes
Make a border on a piece of paper with a pattern of stickers
Make a glow in the dark necklace in a pattern of beads for their sleepy time animals, “guys”
Sweet Starbursts and Skittles, Salty Sticks (pretzels)

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