Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Preschool Outline - O and Halloween

I didn't actually run this preschool. Karyn took pity on me and ran it for me while I worked at the new house. All I did was bring a big bag of stuff to Karyn's house with this outline. But, I did see the girls wrapped up like Mummies and it was adorable. Also, Karyn said the dot to dots were a little beyond them.


Show and Tell
Pledge of Allegiance
Recite the days of the week
Recite the months of the year with the new song


Tracer page
Write letter Oo and review letter Mm and Nn without tracer pages
Owl Dot to Dot: an Owl says “Whooooo”
Read Book “The Mole in the Hole” and have the girls say “Mole” and “Hole” each time they come up in the book; same thing with Book “A Frog in the Bog”…Do rhyming with the long and short “o” sounds as well as the “oo” sound.

MATH – Counting and recognition

Count to 30 together
Flashcards of Numbers 1 – 20: recognition, put them in order
Sing song “The Ants go Marching”
Number 5 worksheets and writing
Number 5 without tracer page and review 2 and 3 without tracer pages

THEME – Halloween

Music and Movement
Move like Ghosts
Use roll of toilet paper to make the girls into Mummies
Sing songs, “Mean Old Witch”, “Halloween Cat”, and “Jack-o-Lantern Can’t Scare Me”
Read Book “The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything”
Witch Dot to Dot
Jack-o-Lantern matching page – pairs of pumpkins
Do the image finder page for Halloween – find the cats, ghosts, etc and then color the page
Make a “Ghost Mobile” out of clear string, hangers and tissues

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