Monday, November 16, 2009

Big Girl Sara

It seems that Sara has just grown up lately. All of a sudden, she has turned into a big girl. She gave up her binkys over two months ago and hasn't looked back.
Sara communicates like she is years older. "Mommy, that was not considerate." or "I can't get the headband. I frustrated" And she totally knows how to work a situation, "Thank you for the candy Mama. You da best." or "But, Daddy said it was okay to touch the TV"
She also LOOKS like she is so much older. She is currently in 4T clothes and has so much hair. She is very tall (39 inches when we measured her yesterday) and has totally slimmed down. In fact, her tummy is ripped!
Sara has also decided that she is going to make progress on potty training. She will not be pushed and I think it is going to take a while, but I am changing 1/4 of the diapers that I was two weeks ago. Any progress is wonderful.
Finally, she is really calming down. She has become much more logical, helpful and calm. In fact, she went to the store with me today and was a perfect angel. All we're wanting now is for some successful trips to nursery on Sundays. Let's hope that the terrible twos are really over, because I sure love this Big Girl Sara.


  1. Amen, my dear, amen. And to be out of the terrible two's before she's even 2 1/2 is amazing. We'll definitely take it.

    And I love those pictures of her. She is so gorgeous. And such a cute little bug. I love that babes of ours!

  2. Mel and I are so looking forward to seeing her, Laura and especially Eliza (and you guys too of course) next week and seeing these personalities first hand.

  3. It is hard to believe that Sara is only 2....she speaks like a 4 year old. What is not to like about that charming little face???