Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. My brother Dave and his wife Mel came into town from Seattle, so most of our time centered around being with them. It was great.
Thanksgiving day brought a beautiful meal at my mom's house. The food was delicious and the company was fabulous. I just wish I had been smarter and not eaten things I am somewhat allergic to. I spent subsequent nights awake from pain and am still not walking the best. But, the food was fabulous, I was just stupid!
Laura spent the whole day hanging out with Kaitlyn. They are such good friends that we really didn't even see her. They played outside and had "meetings" in their club (the cold storage).
Sara warmed up all to all her big cousins. She loved being the center of attention and banging around with all the teenage boys.
Eliza was fake baby again. She was passed around like a football and happy the whole time. She slept during the meal and was an angel otherwise.
Black Friday was a total bust. Jason said the crowds were 3 to 4 times as big as they have been in years past. After striking out at Walmart and seeing a ridiculous line at Kmart, he came home with my blessing. We're glad the girls want to do Disneyland for Christmas this year and presents aren't a big deal. Later Friday morning we went with Dave and Mel to Gardner Village and Tai Pan and had much more fun there. Poor Jason had a bummer shopping day, but at least he had just played football with all the boys.
Friday afternoon kinda stunk too. We attacked the leaves in our front yard. The leaves from all the trees in the common area blow to our house because the HOA doesn't clean them up. So, we did. With my histamines already crazy, I wore a mask the whole time. But, after shoving them down in 6 full size bags, they are gone and we are ready for snow. Yah, I don't think this many leaves came from our one little maple.
Friday evening, Jason's mom (THANK YOU) watched Miss E after we put the girls to bed so Jason and I could go out for an adults dinner with my family. We missed Danny tons and tons, but had a wonderful time at Tepanyaki. My goodness my siblings are funny and brilliant. We didn't get enough chatting in at the restaurant, so they were accommodating and came to our house to chat afterwards. How I love them all!
Saturday morning, the family got together again for a casual brunch. I made piles of cinnamon twists for the affair and loved the food my mom prepped. Yep, it was a packed family weekend and just about as great as it can get.


  1. Wow, we did have quite a weekend together! There is nothing better for me than to be with such a great family who I love so much. How wonderful you have recorded it for our memories.

  2. So fun! Sorry to hear you had some not fun parts with alergies, but the rest sounds great!

  3. Miss E is what we call Joe's sister Emily!

    Sounds like you had a fun Thanksgiving... except for the post holiday shopping part!

  4. Great family pictures and great fun times together. Families are a blessing and I am glad you enjoyed every minute with them.