Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stylin' Sara

"Mommy, I am a princess." Yes, yes you are, Sara. Sara loves experimenting with style and truly believes that she is "A princess just like Ariel/Jasmine/Cinderella". She picks out her clothes every day. And, she REALLY loves accessories; especially something shiny or sparkly. These pictures are of a medium amount of "bling". Sara wears sparkly things almost all the time, just in varying amounts. Maybe someday she will teach me how to wear jewelry.
Sara also is in the bandaid stage. That stage where bandaids are a style statement. And, I must admit, they do make cool bandaids nowadays. This is how I found her after my shower the other day. Five bandaids...and notice she is wearing headbands as necklaces.
Sara also really loves lipstick and toenail polish. (The only makeup I regularly wear and she knows about...odd, because she has commented to me a couple of times, with a scrunched up nose of disgust, about a heavily made-up woman "What is on her face?") She really gets into flavored lipsticks. This was the result when I just let her go at it the other day. And yes, there is always polish on her toes.
Our Sara is already stylin'. I have a feeling that she will be my child to keep me looking fashionable when I get old and funny. What will she be like when she is 16? But for now, I just think she is sooo cute!


  1. Oh, little Sara - you really are a beautiful princess!

  2. LOL! This is the best post ever because at the end of it, you really know our Sara. She is such a cute and fun little bug and we are so lucky to have her. I love you, Sue Bee!

  3. What a character!

    That chapstick looks so yummy- haha!

  4. Yes Sara you are the "Bling" Princess with a huge personality and smile that completes the cutest girl ever! You my dear...melt my heart!