Saturday, November 21, 2009


Jason and I are probably two of the most affectionate people on the planet. Our kids get kissed to death and we are always holding hands. (Yep, one of the many reasons our marriage works: I always feel like I can hug him and he will be happy about it!) So, we are not surprised that Sara is incredibly affectionate too.
Fortunately, Eliza seems to be equally affectionate, just not quite as big. She just leans in and grins at kisses and snuggles.
And, with these two snuggly sisters and her obnoxious parents, even Laura is becoming quite affectionate and snuggly. (Laura used to cringe and cry at kisses when she was little.) Oh, how I love that these girls love each other and let one another know it!


  1. Lucky sisters -- best friends forever!

  2. Those pictures just tickled me right down to my toes. I love those girls!

  3. I love how Sara has her hands folded in both pictures with Eliza. We always tell her to "be soft with Liza", so I think that this is her solution. What a cute little bug!

    And Eliza loves Sara as much as Sara loves her. We are very, very lucky parents. I just hope it lasts through teenage-dom!