Monday, June 25, 2012

Sara's Ballet Performance: Swan Lake 2012

Sara recently had her annual ballet performance.  She was a butterfly in Swan Lake along with her friend Alyssa.  I was the "class mom" with my special magic backpack (with snacks, coloring, bobbypins, etc) and got some great pictures of her and some super special time together.
She was wonderful in the performance: utterly adorable, and super proud of herself.  Both grandmas watched her perform (thanks Mom for sharing your extra ticket with Grandma B. when Dad got sick) as well as Jason and both other girls.  Eliza didn't last until the end, but apparently loved the whole thing until she wore out.  Jason was wonderful and took her home to bed!
Well done, Sara!  You were a beautiful butterfly ballerina!


  1. You were AMAZING Sara!! I loved watching you. You did such a good job and I am so proud of you! Good job little bug!!!

  2. Wow Sara you look beautiful!!!! I hope you had a fabulous time dancing!

  3. Sara you are the most beautiful dancing butterfly ever! You danced so well you made me feel happy and proud inside! I Love you so very much!

  4. Did she dance at academyof ballet? My paige danced in swan lake too, saturday at 11:30....wasit the same show?