Saturday, June 02, 2012

Sara's Preschool Graduation

Sara had a special graduation ceremony when she finished preschool at Busy Bee this year.  It was cold outside and she was in tights under her "robe" because we had to rush to ballet right afterwards.  But, we are so glad we went.  It was adorable and extra special!
Showing off her cap and gown.
Staying warm on Grandma's lap
Mommy and her little girls.
Sara and her carpool buddy, Peachy
Sara performing "Too Di Ta" with her friends Reagan and Reese
With her teacher, Miss Amber
We didn't get to stay for donuts, so I promised her another treat later.  A full week later (after our yellowstone trip and Daddy's business trip) we got to it and went for "small" snowcones with Creed and Co.  It was great fun!! (disclaimer: pictures were taken with my phone)
The group of kids!
Yes, this was the large snowcone!


  1. Great job finishing Pre-School Sara Sue!!! You are amazing and so ready for Kindergarten. I'm so proud of you!!!!

    And the snow cones were huge and yummy. I'm already craving another one...

  2. Good job Sara...we are very proud of you!

    Love you tons!

  3. We are very proud of you Sara...great job!

  4. Sara is so cute, I just love her smile! Congrats Sara!