Tuesday, June 05, 2012


We went to Yellowstone over Memorial Day weekend.  There was some serious hesitation when we heard that the weather would be terrible, but we went anyways and had an ADVENTURE.  Yes, I packed an entire huge duffle on our RoofBag with warm, waterproof clothing.  We needed it with the record snowfall.  But, we were always comfortable and had a great time!  Check out our ridiculously long (11 mins) movie!
The snow was probably a blessing!  There were zero crowds, no traffic, and tons of wildlife because of the weather.  It was magical!
We got to see everything we wanted to see: hot springs, geysers, buffalo, waterfalls, mudpots, colorful pools, etc.  The snow only rarely obscured our vision with steam and made for beautiful photos.
We stayed at a cabin in Island Park.  Would I stay there again with just my little family, probably not.  It was a long drive into the park.  But, if I were going with a big group, that's exactly where I'd stay.  We packed in our lunch each day and were totally comfortable in spite of the drive.
Eliza's favorites from Yellowstone: the waterfalls and the buffalo.  Sara's favorite: the mudpots and being a Junior Ranger.  Laura's favorites: Lower Geyser Basin and Dragon's Mouth.  Melinda's favorites: Lower Geyser Basin (specifically spasm geyser) and Mesa Falls (not technically in YS).  Jason's favorite: Norris Geyser Basin.


  1. It looks so beautiful and you always find so many ways to have a wonderful time!

  2. I wish I could update as much as you do, I'm so behind! You're girls are growing up so fast!One day we will make it to yellowstone, it looks fun!

  3. Your family can make a great time happen whenever you're together. I love the pictures and loved to see the mud pots bubbling forth!

  4. What a fun family vacation! It is hilarious to see your family in winter clothing at the end of May! I'm glad you made the most of it, and had a good time!

  5. Good thing you packed warmly! What a smart Mommy!

    Yellowstone is amazing and I am glad you were able to enjoy it despite the weather. Great pictures!