Sunday, August 19, 2012

10 Year Anniversary Trip

I've mentioned it in passing, but Jason and I went on our first ever vacation without kids to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.  We went to Disneyland since we had a short amount of time and because we had gone there on our original honeymoon.  We had an amazing time.  And yes, we missed the kids terribly.  Our opinion to take "family" vacations instead of couple ones is good.  Though, we probably will be doing this again on our 15 year anniversary.
We loved all the changes (ie: Buena Vista Street) and characters at DCA.
We had my married nephew, his wife (and their baby) watch the kids for 3 nights while we went to Disneyland.  The kids all had a vacation of their own.  They went swimming, to the zoo, to Thanksgiving Point, to the Steel Days Carnival, out to eat, to the park, Laura's parade, and much baby snuggling!  I'm not sure they actually missed us.  Thank you, Ben and Alex!
Jason and I had a magnificent time eating wonderful food - freshly served without having to feed someone else first.  We rode rides together!  We stayed up late at night watching shows.  Yes, it was heavenly.
Extra Hour at Cars Land - look how empty it is.
 A romantic meal at Carthay Circle - and we got a great section to World of Color from it as well! I got to watch all of World of Color for the first time since I wasn't holding someone.
Hanging out with another couple ;)
The desserts at the Fantasmic Viewing!  AMAZING experience all around! 
Wearing our Anniversary Pins!
My highlights: Fantasmic reserved seating, front row of California Screamin' with my honey, warm food, extra hour in Cars Land, daily naps.
Jason's highlights: Fantasmic reserved seating, Flo's diner, extra hour in Cars Land, front row of California Screamin'.


  1. So fun. You need more of these.

  2. So fun!! I'm totally jealous!! What a great way to spend an important anniversary!

  3. It was the best time. Totally weird not having the kids but WONDERFUL! I love you my Babes!!! Can't wait for another 10 more.

  4. I am glad you had a wonderful time deserve it! Love you both so much!