Monday, August 13, 2012

Laura's Play: Emperor's New Clothes

Laura did a community play again this summer. Again, she LOVED it! Again, I sewed my guts out...I'm now quite the expert at shorts and pants, and who knew that my knowledge of burning the edges of dressy material in order to stop fraying would come in so handy.

Laura ended up with 7 lines this year and was the youngest in the cast. She was a member of the ensemble. She sang, made new friends, laughed, acted, learned, and thoroughly enjoyed herself. She was wonderful and I couldn't take my eyes off her! This is definitely, "her thing."
Thank you to everyone who came and saw her! Thank you to my folks who watched her at the parade, came to her play, and watched Eliza for the late night show.  Also, a big thank you to my nephew and niece who took her to the parade and took pictures while J and I were on our anniversary trip!


  1. She did such and amazing job and absolutely loved it!!! I'm glad she has such a fun time meeting new people and doing what she loves. Way to go Laura!!!

  2. What a cute girl. I'm sorry we missed her play this year. Way to go Laura!!!

  3. Laura did such an amazing job. I could not take my eyes of the the wee one! She was the smallest one on stage but was larger than life with her bright smile and enjoyment of the moment!