Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Swimming Lessons

The little girls have taken 2 sessions of swimming lessons this summer and Laura has taken 1. They have all done amazingly well. Everyone passed their levels and has gotten so much more comfortable in the water. Sara and Laura are both swimming by themselves in short bursts and are very comfortable. Eliza finally dunked herself and became a little fish. Check them out!!
Eliza had only one girl in her class the first session - one of her teachers.
Eliza loved to dance on the side of the pool.
Second session was all girls and she really took off in her skills.
Girl power while practicing kicks.
Laura spent a lot of time doing bobs
Laura swimming on her own!
Laura was even swimming underwater!
Sara swimming on her own
Sara dealt with a class of all boys second session, but really flew
Isn't she cute in her swimsuit?!
Sara was drenched from the moment she entered the pool - a little fish!


  1. Way to go girls! Really awesome!

  2. Swimming was so fun this year. I even got to go watch them a few times and they were AMAZING!!! Good job my little girlies!

  3. Isn't it so fun to see them improve!! What a fun couple of weeks!!

  4. Great to see the pictures of the girls in the pool. I am so happy they have had such a great summer and learned to swim! Fantastic!