Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Have I mentioned that my second favorite sport to watch is cycling?! So, I was thrilled when Bobke answered my question during the Tour de France! Check out another silly few minutes of fame! (And, yes, I have the whole thing recorded but am worried about putting it on here because of copyrights.)
We also made sure to see the Tour of Utah in person this year. I must say that it was a ton more fun than I thought it would be. The girls and Jason also really enjoyed their experiences, which made me feel less like I was dragging them along. They girls loved doing the chalk on the road and yelling for the riders! Oh, and picking up bottles.
The race was grand, up close and intense.It was remarkably immersive. I think it will be an annual tradition to go see the riders! (And I have to say that I think the riders liked seeing a group of kids - girls particularly - on the road cheering for them.)
I had no idea how many cars were in front and behind the riders. It went on forever.
Here they come!
This UHC rider just grinned when he saw the girls - which is amazing because he was on an 8% gradient at the time. (Also, check out his awesome bike tan, physio tape, and legs the size of my waist...could he be more "cyclist"?!) Anyone recognize this fantastic rider??

We stayed at the cabin because it went right by there on both weekend days and it was wonderfully convenient. (The tour took place over Perseid and being at the cabin gave us a great view of the celestial show there away from city lights.) So, we saw "shooting stars" and some of the big stars of american cycling also!
Overall GC winner Tschopp being marked by Garmin on the last day.
Check out the Bissel rider throwing that bottle right to Laura. Oh, and the "Best Utah Rider" jersey winner (Louder) and the "Best Young Rider" jersey winner (Dombrowski) are also in this pic.
Thank you, Christian for making a move to the front of the peloton inches away from us - all while wearing yellow! Epic!!


  1. So fun!!! What great pictures!!! We had so much fun going to see the Crit two years ago. I'm so excited to hear that they are looking at coming south next year. And I'm so bad with riders (I can't remember who's on what team, I get so confused), so no guess from me. But I'm sure Mike would know (and would think I was dumb for not knowing. Glad the family had a good time and got some souvenirs to boot!

  2. It was way too much fun to go see the cyclists! I think this will definitely become an annual tradition!

  3. You guys are too cool! Love all the awesome pictures you got of the cyclists!

    Maybe we will have to go with you the next time!