Tuesday, August 07, 2012

4th of July

On Independence Day, Jason and I offered to host his Mom's annual picnic at our house instead of a park this year. It just seemed easier for most people this way. I think it turned out nicely and it sure was great to not be as hot since it was in the evening, have privacy and restrooms, have an escape indoors for his sick dad and elderly grandma, and not go early to save seats. I had balloons to lead the way and everyone seemed to have fun! It sure was longer than usual, so I think it was successful.
Dirty feet = fun
Jason, his brothers and his aunt
Jason and his brother, Todd
Jumping with the girls
Laura loves her Rylie and did a performance with her for all of us
That night when everyone left, we lit off some small fireworks and played with sparklers.
But, the highlight of the celebrations (for me) came 2 days later when we went to the symphony and fireworks at Thanksgiving point with my folks! The girls tried out all sorts of instruments beforehand and Sara loved the cello. Eliza danced her heart out to patriotic music. We all loved the fireworks and outdoor atmosphere. We will definitely be going again next year!


  1. We did have an amazing 4th this year. The party was INCREDIBLE and I think everyone had a great time. And the symphony was a blast. We will definitely go next year. What fun!!!

  2. Good times!!! So much fun to celebrate with family!!

  3. Your home was just the perfect place for our 4th of July celebration! We all had a wonderful time and lots of great memories! Thanks a bunch.