Sunday, August 03, 2014

Eliza at 5 Years Old

Spunky and sassy Eliza is 5 years old!
Here are the results of her birthday interview: 
Favorite Color:  Pinkish Purplish
Best Friend: Makayla, Jersey (dance)
Favorite toy:  Dressups, stuffed animals
Favorite place to be: At home with all of my family, and Disneyland
Favorite movie: The Croods
Favorite book: Press Here, Fancy Nancy, The Day the Crayons Quit
Favorite food: Noodles, Tomatoes
Favorite treat: Cookies
Favorite activity: Dance, Dress up, Put on Performances
Favorite TV show: Sherriff Callie's Wild West, Doc McStuffins, American Ninja Warrior
Her big news this year is that she got on dance team (Pee Wee Company) at our studio.  She is a quick study and super persistent.  Can you believe she'll be starting Kindergarten in just a little bit?

Most days you will find her wearing a skirt.  I have to pull her out of dress up dresses and shoes to get out the door.  She is determined to keep up with her big sisters in every way - so she sings and dances beautifully as well as hiking, exploring, and coloring.  She is growing up so quickly, but fortunately still puts her little arms around my neck!  How I love Miss E!


  1. Eliza is so cute! Happy birthday Eliza!

  2. I cannot believe that Eliza is starting school! It is so hard to see her growing up so fast! You will always be my baby-granddaughter!! Eliza...I love you!!

  3. I cannot freaking believe that Miss E is 5 years old! How in the world did that happen? I love our little button. She really completes our family and I love her more than anything. Love you my E!!!