Friday, August 29, 2014

First Day of School 2014

They are all in school.  This will be the only year that  they'll all be in the same school and the last time Laura will be in a school with one of her sisters.

We were super excited to not be in uniforms.  My folks were awesome and took the girls (while J was on business in NYC) so I could take them one at a time to shop for their back to school outfits.  Aren't they cute?
The big girls started at their new school and have done great!  They say they are so glad they made the choice to change.  Laura has Leinweber this year and Rosie has Young.
Eliza started Kindergarten a week later and has adjusted beautifully.  She has Hurst.  She's tired, but doing so great!
I am loving my 2.5 hrs each day with Eliza in Kindergarten...oh wait, I'm volunteering at the school 3 days a week during that time.  I love seeing the girls at school and it's wonderful I can be a part of their lives at school.


  1. They are sooo cute! I love the individuality in each outfit. So fun to see them grow and become unique, beautiful girls!

  2. Your girls are so beautiful! I can't believe how grown-up they look. It is wonderful that they are enjoying their new school and teachers too.

  3. I love that you can go see each girl in their class. It makes me so happy. Thanks for staying home and taking care of our beautiful girls. It's why they are such amazing, brilliant, and talented girls. It's all because of you, my Love. Thank you!!!

  4. The girls are so darling with their smiles and cute school clothes!! Adorable!