Saturday, August 23, 2014

Teton Yellowstone Vacation 2014

We took a week and went to the Tetons and to Yellowstone with Andy and Marie's family.

We went river rafting, hiking, and shopping around Jackson and in the Tetons.  We saw a play and ate yummy food.  The girls were thrilled to add a new Jr. Ranger badge to their collection here.  I'm glad we went, but they were so much like our backyard Uinta's that we probably won't ever return.
Then it was on to Yellowstone.  My goodness it was rainy and wet there even though it was August.  But, we braved the weather and had a great time anyways.
Here's the list of our favorites:
Laura's: Milky colored pools at Norris, Geyser basin with Castle and Grand
Melinda's: Geyser basin with Castle and Grand, West Thumb Geyser basin on the lake, Taking the tram to the top of the mountain in the Tetons
Sara Rosie's:  Mud pots, crested pool, Old Faithful, Big waterfall (upper falls) we hiked to
Jason's: Castle Geyser, West Thumb, Mesa Falls
Eliza's: Waterfalls everywhere!


  1. It was a super fun and much needed vacation for all of us! It was so great to get back to Yellowstone and Andy found a PERFECT cabin to stay at. I'm sure we'll stay there again. It was a grand time had by everyone!

  2. Beautiful family surrounded by the beauties of nature at it's best!