Monday, August 04, 2014

Eliza's Birthday Celebrations

Eliza's birthday was tricky this year, because it was happening while we were on vacation.  So, we started with a little party at the Planetarium.  When I asked her what she wanted, she wanted to have a party with Makayla and Grandma and Grandpa.  So, that's what we did.  We had lunch at her favorite: Sweet Tomatoes.  Then on to the planetarium for two shows.  We finished by taking she and Makayla to Seussical that night.

We opened her presents a few days before we left on vacation so she would have time to play with her toys. Of course we opened them first thing in the morning!
My parents took her out for her favorite lunch (Olive garden for noodles, grapes, and raspberry lemonade) and to Build a Bear!  She loved her time with them and being spoiled!

Then we did cake and a candle while on vacation.  Happy Birthday, Eliza!!


  1. So fun! And nice that she got to do everything she wanted, and you still got to go on vacation!

  2. Happy Birthday to our sweet Eliza....I love you so much!!

  3. I love that Eliza did her birthday celebrations at the Planetarium! So perfect! She had a blast with "her Kayla" and was a happy, happy kid. Happy Birthday my Eliza girl!