Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Jason's Birthday 2014

Jason got home from business the night before his birthday.  We were all prepped and ready.  The girls had fun helping me.

We did our traditional early morning presents.  The girls each picked out a candy for their dad to go along with their presents.
I got him a few other things.  We went out for lunch at Tucanos.  I made him cream puffs, his favorite dessert, for his candles instead of cake.
How we love Jason!


  1. I love non-traditional deserts for birthdays (my pick is pumpkin cobbler). And I want Rosie to pick treats for me (I love Toblerone!). Happy birthday Jason! Enjoy those amazing girls of yours!

  2. It was an incredible birthday and the best present of all was to be back home with my girls. There is no where else on earth I would rather be! Love you, girlies!

  3. Happy Birthday sweetie! I am so grateful you have such a wonderful loving family surrounding and loving you!