Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Awfully Quiet

After an hour on the computer the other day during naptime, I went to my room to check the monitor - the computer is near enough to her room that I can hear Sara without the monitor if there is any complaining - oh, and the monitor was off. So, I snuck down to her bedroom figuring something had happened to the monitor, to switch back on Sara's end of the device. This is what I found instead.
And this is how badly she felt about it. Smart little twerp turning off the monitor! Momma beware when this girl is a teenager!


  1. That is just Sara. She is such a cute little stink! You can't help but love her to death.

  2. Moments like that will create the precious memories you will talk about for years to come...glad you got the pictures to capture the moment and that expression on Sara's face is priceless. Sara it is a good thing you is too cute to get mad at sweetie!