Monday, June 08, 2009

Prettiest Flowers in the Garden

Instead of taking Sara in to get her pictures taken for her birthday, I attempted to get pictures in my Mom's beautiful Secret Garden. (I'm afraid I'll still have to take her in; she was not the most cooperative.) But, here are the best from the day.

I caught this only because I let the monkey climb the post. She was successful, but terrifying!

Cute, but how do I get her to look at the camera?

Well, she's looking at the camera. The smile is elusive, however.
Laura, of course was perfect. Isn't she just precious?!
Getting one of the two of them proved impossible. These are the best I got. Hopefully, JCPenney can do better.


  1. Sara has been such a little stinker about getting her picture taken lately. And Laura is so photogenic!! What cute little silly girls we have.

  2. Such darling pictures!!!

  3. I think they turned out great! Especially the ones of both of them!

  4. Not terrible, but some how those people at the studio catch some good smiles. Good job!! What cute girls.

  5. I could look at those two sweet girls all day out in the garden. They are indeed the most beautiful flowers.

  6. What beautiful girls and they are absolutely delightful to enjoy and to spend time with. Lucky you and lucky us...blessings!