Thursday, June 04, 2009

Huge Chocolate Cake

Sara was quite specific about what she wanted for her birthday this year: "Huge chocolate cake" with "parkly candles and creamy" and "Grandma, Nuncle Steve, Joey, Lala" in attendance. So, we coordinated with my family to get her the party she wanted. We had it for FHE this past Monday and it was great! Jason made the "creamy" and Costco took care of the truly "Huge chocolate cake."
Sara really "got" that the party was for her. She was so excited when we all sang for her and she got to blow out her candles. She kept asking to blow out the candles "one more time" and have everyone clap for her. And, for some unknown reason (perhaps the brightness of her two candles) she had to wear sunglasses during the main event along with her insistence that she wear a "party dress" for that night, no capris for this girl! (It's her party and she'll wear what she wants to!)
My camera battery died and I didn't get nearly enough pictures. But it was great to have everyone over and it was precisely what little Sara wanted. Thank you, family!


  1. Happy Birthday my cute little bug!!! She was so cute blowing out the cake over and over again in her sunglasses. What a cute little nerd we have. And now she's a 2 year old little nerd. Man, the time is flying by. Love you, Sara!!!

  2. That girl's onto something! I want a huge chocolate cake with parkly candles too! How freaking cute is she!?

    Happy Birthday, little doll. I can't believe I've never met her! What's up with that???

  3. I can still feel her little arms hugging me. What a happy little birthday girl!

  4. I love how expressive Sara is! Those are great pictures. I am glad that you were able to get the celebrating in. I LOVE the sunglasses!

  5. Love the pictures....Sara's face tells the story...she had a blast on her birthday!