Friday, June 26, 2009

Fair Fun

Last week our neighboring town had their summer festival. The carnival came and we had to take the girls for some rides. The rain let up just long enough to get in some good rides. The carousel, of course was the favorite.
But, something great was that the girls were big enough to go together on most rides. They had a great time and it helped calm down the Disneyland wants that we've all been experiencing. I'm glad we fit in some fun before we all got stuck at home!


  1. I love how Sara's expression in every picture is so mellow. Yet when the rides were over, all she wanted was to get right back on. Funny little bug!

    And Laura LOVED everything as usual. She is so fun. I love that kid!

  2. Hooray for the hotrods! My boys loved that one too!

  3. Cool summer fun! I love seeing the expressions on the girls faces...too cute!