Friday, August 07, 2009

4 Days Old

Eliza is getting more alert and more fun every day. We took advantage of one of her awake times and got some good pictures of her. You can see her big dark eyes and exceptionally long fingers in them.

She really liked sitting up in the boppy

What's that...a fist?!

Her peaceful face. The way she spends almost all her awake time.

Big Yawn...How many pictures are you going to take, guys?

Eliza loves kisses. And we love to kiss her!

Her whole little self!

We all love to kiss on her and snuggle with Eliza. The girls have been amazing with her! They have not lost interest, are super tender and soft, look out for her at every turn, and are smothering her with love. Eliza is one lucky little girl to have such great big sisters.

Another one of her favorite things is to snuggle on Daddy's shoulder. Doesn't she just look tiny?! We have to enjoy it; it sure doesn't last long!
Eliza did not like her bath, however.


  1. She is truly a precious little angel girl. Sure love her.

  2. I am thinking she looks like Laura. You should put some baby pics of Eliza, Sara, and Laura up so I can compare. I want to see if she truly is her own self as you told me the other day. She is super cute. I am glad that you are doing so well. I miss you!

  3. What a sweetie. Thanks for letting me hold her for such a long time on Friday! It was a treat. I left thinking how much Eliza reminds me of her momma when she was just a tiny thing.

  4. Congratulations, she looks like such a sweet little baby girl.

  5. I just love holding, kissing and snuggling with our Eliza. She is just precious in every way!

  6. She looks bigger already! What a cutie!

  7. Look at how loved she is! We can't wait to come see her again.