Thursday, August 27, 2009

Laura Starts Kindergarten

Laura started Kindergarten today! It's bittersweet. It's so great for her to be in school, but Jason and I already miss our angel girl in the house.
Laura is so ready to be in school. They had to triple her assesment time last week because she assessed so high. I'm grateful that she'll be in a school that can accommodate her. Though they can't let her read at her exact level, (9th grade reading material addresses subjects no 5 year old should know about) her teacher has a special program all ready just for her. And, she will get to do math with a special group that will complete first grade math by the end of her Kindergarten year. We are so blessed to have gotten in this school!
Despite being so ready mentally, neither Laura nor I was ready for the emotional shock of school. She threw up at home this morning because she was so nervous. But, after lots of hugs at home and after Jason and I walked her in to her classroom, she seemed great. When I got back in the car, it was my turn to cry. It's the beginning of a new era around here!
After school, she came back bubbling and excited. She loved the little party my parents and we had planned for her. I think she will thrive in Kindergarten.


  1. Laura is so ready for school, both with her academics and social skills. Her teacher and friends will love her and she will thrive, however it certainly is an adjustment for the folks.

  2. I hope that you are ready for this whole school business. It is a lot different than our little preschool, but Laura will LOVE it, and she will do awesome! I love how you are always having parties with your girls. Sometimes, I wish I was more like you! You rock!

  3. It really was a bitter-sweet day. Laura LOVED school and is so ready for it to start. She is so grown up! But it's also the end of an era for us and the beginning of a new one. Those are always hard. We (Melinda especially) will really miss Laura while she's at school. Love you, La!

  4. Laura was very well prepared to start school thanks to her mommy's hard work. Laura is such a precious child she will do well in all areas of school and socially as well.

    Laura, Grandma is so very proud of you...enjoy your first year of school! We love you sweetie!

  5. Firsts are always hard! She looks adorable and is incredibly smart!

  6. Laura is going to do great in school! She is such a smartie!