Thursday, August 20, 2009


I have been feeling so great that despite having major surgery and a brand new baby, we have been able to have a bit of fun around here. We went up to the cabin with my parents on Saturday. It rained at the beginning, so we stayed cozy in the cabin. Sara played the piano. Laura hugged Grandma. Jason and Dad installed a new light fixture. I avoided the camera. And, Eliza slept. There is no better place than the cabin for a nap.
The weather cleared up and we had a few hours to enjoy the cool outside before my body told me to head home. We also had a bit of a celebration for Jason's birthday, thanks to my folks, the next day while we were up there. It was a great break. And look, Mom snapped a picture of our entire family!
Despite having given Jason most of his presents early (extra long pants, smoker, books, etc.) because I was worried about feeling well enough to celebrate on his very day, we were able to put together some fun on his actual birthday. Laura and I made a cake and Jason got sung to all day on Sunday! Happy Birthday, my love. Thank you for being the world's best partner and making my life so much better; you are brilliant, spiritual, fun, and perfect. I love you and hope you had a good day.
Today, Jason's work finally calmed down and he was able to take a day off. All of us enjoyed having him home! The big girls particularly loved that he helped them finger paint. Jason is a cool dad!


  1. It has been so nice to get out, play, and enjoy my birthday weekend. It has been a fun last couple of weeks!

  2. I am glad that you were able to get out some. I bet it's wonderful since you didn't do much before Eliza was here. It looks like you had fun. We still need to go up there sometime with you. Our kids would have so much fun!

  3. Happy birthday Son...I sure love you! I am so grateful that you were surrounded with so much love and such a wonderful family to share good times with. Sweet!