Friday, August 21, 2009

Lovin' 'Liza

Eliza is getting cuter and more alert every day. And all of us are falling more and more in love with her every moment. Honestly, with this face and the fact that she is always happy, how could we not?!
Laura still adores having her "special Eliza time." It is what calms her down when she's sad and she tells us it keeps her from getting lonely. It comforts her so much she has even fallen asleep holding her. I love to watch Laura while she holds Eliza. I don't think I've ever seen Laura kiss someone so much, she just constantly snatches them while holding her. And, I love to hear Laura tell Eliza how much she loves her and anything else that may be on Laura's mind from Kindergarten to how the two will play when Eliza grows up.
Sara's interest and love for Eliza has not seemed to wane with time. "Can I kiss her? Can I hold her" are the questions I hear from her all day. Sara continues to be exceptionally gentle with Eliza; something remarkable for our crazy Sara and kisses and pats Eliza so softly. She also mothers her to death. Any time she hears a peep from Eliza, she will say "'Liza crying" and run to kiss her and get her a binky.
I think my favorite times are when I watch even more of my family together. I love seeing Jason snuggling all three girls in the morning. But, the moment that made me bawl was finding my three girls on the bed, Eliza in the middle with a hand on each of her sisters faces. Eliza was awake and rapt as both Laura and Sara sang "I Am a Child of God" to her. What a blessing these three girls are! And what a greater blessing that I get all of them and their amazing Daddy for's overwhelmingly wonderful!
Occasionally, Jason and I will get alone time with Eliza as well. We cherish these times! I just stare into that beautiful face and love to chat with her.


  1. It is amazing how much Laura and Sara still love her. We're very lucky parents and she's such a lucky girl to have so many people loving on her all the time!

  2. the story of your girls singing I Am A Child of God to Eliza made me cry

  3. What a sweet post. I am glad that your girls love Eliza so much. That makes things a little easier around your house. I wish that you had gotten a picture of Laura asleep while holding Eliza. You were probably afraid she would drop her though. Cute pictures, all of them!

  4. What beautiful and sweet memories to cherish along with 3 beautiful daughters...keep those pictures coming!

  5. Well...I have loved looking and looking at the pictures of all of you (What a great idea to post all the pics together) and I have to say that I think that Eliza is a perfect blend of all of you...either which way she is one beautiful baby!