Monday, August 17, 2009

Eliza at 2 Weeks

Eliza is two weeks old today. It sure has gone by quickly. We went to the doctor today and got an update on her stats. They are:
Weight: 7 lbs 1 oz - 50th percentile
Length: 20.5 inches - 90th percentile (Do you really think she grew 3.5 inches in 2 weeks?! We have a feeling that initial measurement of 17 inches in the hospital may have been a little off.)
Head: 34.5 cm - 50th percentile
Here is her 2 week bunny comparison picture.
And here are some pictures of all the family at about the same age. Who do you think she looks like?




  1. She is definitely a Mini-Melinda. Hands down, no contest. No wonder she's so gorgeous!!!

  2. I actually think she just looks like all of you combined maybe leaning towards Jason. Either way all of those babies are beautiful!

  3. She's just perfectly beautiful. There's is a family resemblance all around, but this time I can see some of her Mommy in her pretty little face. What beautiful babies. What a beautiful family.

  4. I still don't know who she looks like. I would guess a mixture of both of you. Who cares though? She's cute and we will take her!

  5. Your girls are beautiful! Congratulations on the newest addition - I love the name Eliza!

  6. Eliza is a beauty! I am glad that everything is going well for you.