Sunday, August 30, 2009

Water at the Cabin

When I was little, we always used to use our "heavy, heavy, hangover" birthday wishes to wish for water at the cabin. But, I think we only meant it in the way that the little girls experienced it yesterday, not the huge flood.
When Jason and I got there, the cabin was raining. We shut off the water and Jason started mopping up (in tidal waves out the door) the two inches of water from the floor. The water heater had given out. I watched the girls and called Mom and Dad to pick up a shopvac in Heber on their way up. Jason killed himself getting all the water off the floor and out of the carpet. Thank you, J!
The girls then enjoyed more water while helping to mop the deck. It was not quite the relaxing trip to the cabin that we expected. However, we sure are glad we went up when we did and that Mom and Dad didn't have to handle this disaster alone.
Mom and Dad's bad day did not end with the cabin, however. They came home to a broken freezer. Poor kids! Fortunately, Steph and Larry were over and Larry helped Jason get their new freezer into their garage. Thanks guys!


  1. We are sure glad you went to the cabin when you did, as well. Thank you, thank you for your incredible help, Jason! We could not physically have dealt with it without you. At least the problem is fixable, there was no fire and no one in our family was harmed. Now we have another memory connected to the old cabin.

  2. Sorry to hear about all the problems at the cabin and at your home. I a glad that Jason was there to help out.