Monday, October 24, 2011

Cabin: Final Fall Trip 2011

We had a PERFECT fall day at the cabin. I took too many pictures and we had a wonderful time. I can't wait for it to open again!!
We hiked down to the river!
We snuggled!
Sara was incredibly excited when she threw a big rock and it made such a big splash!
Laura loved being down by the river!
Daddy snuggles!
Hunting for fall leaves, acorns, and pinecones.
Melinda's favorite girls!
Eliza could've thrown rocks for hours!
Eliza is in her element with her family at the cabin. And, oh how we love the new railing on the front deck!


  1. It really was a PERFECT day at the cabin. We didn't have enough of those this year. But we'll get tons next year. Winter please go away soon!!!

  2. What great smiles and great fun!