Monday, October 24, 2011

Fry Fest and Cabin Trip

This past General Conference we got to have a LOT of family time. It was the BEST. My mom had us up to the cabin for Saturday sessions. She fed us delicious food, taught Laura to crochet and let us hang out with cousins. Oh, and we saw the most beautiful double rainbow on the drive home!
On Sunday, we had Jason's family over for Fry Fest. The kids had a great time hanging out together. The scones were delicious. Laura loved trying out her birthday present from Jason's folks - Rollerskates. And Eliza latched on to Grandma.
What a great weekend!!


  1. It was a seriously fun weekend. There's nothing better than family time!!!!

  2. What a busy weekend! But it looks like you enjoyed it, so that's what counts. It's cool to see a double rainbow, I'm glad you documented it!