Sunday, October 02, 2011

Mickey Mouse Bathroom

The upstairs full bathroom has been decorated in leftovers from the old house. Leftovers that were originally purchased on a whim, I might add. It needed to fit with this house and the use it gets, not the use I thought it would get. This has turned into the main bathroom for the little girls. Though the decor was pretty, it wasn't fun! I think kids need fun.

So, when I saw all the Mickey Mouse bathroom stuff on sale in a Target ad, I couldn't help myself. I love the little fun things like the "hand" towel and the shower curtain hooks.
I struggled finding art that I liked that worked in the bathroom. After lots of looking and finally resigning myself to the fact that I'm an art snob, I settled in to wait. I waited until our recent trip to Disneyland to get custom pieces drawn for me. The mats are from Hobby Lobby and the frames from Walmart. I think they finish off the space perfectly.
The girls love "the Mickey bathroom." Okay, the adults in the house love it too.


  1. Love it!!! And soooo your family!

  2. It turned out so great. And it's so nice having a "fun" bathroom in the house again. Especially since this is the one that gets used by our girls 95% of the time. Go figure.

  3. LOVE the Mickey bathroom! So cute. I am redoing the guest bath today...purple!

  4. So fun! We might have to have a bathroom like that!

  5. Great job! I really like the special pictures you got done. It really adds to the room.