Saturday, January 26, 2008

Let the Tour Begin...

No, not the Tour de France, the tour of our new house as we finally complete (including decorate) our rooms. Yep, all you're getting is two bathrooms because that is all we have completely done.

The first room is the girls bathroom. It's one of the few rooms of my house in which I have canned art. But, I like how it turned out. Sara particularly likes the red shower curtain and tries to snag it each time after getting her pants changed. I thought of moving the changing pad for the photo, but having the room to keep it there all the time happens to be one of my favorite features of the room, so it stayed.
This last room is the master bathroom. We carried the navy in from the bedroom and I like how it looks with the tile and paint. The art on the walls comes from my travels to England and Italy and were prints I purchased from local artists. They were framed in matching frames due to a wonderful sale at Michaels. I hope to add pictures from other travels someday: Egypt anyone?! (Okay, I'm dreaming, but I can, right?!) You can see each of Jason's and my favorite features of the bathroom in these pictures. Jason: the big shower and very tall shower head. Mine: the hugely long and deep bathtub.

That's all for now. We're getting much closer on other key rooms and I will post them as they are completed. But, due to lack of sleeping girls, the basement finish may take precedence.


  1. We're finally making progress! YAY! I especially love how the master bath turned out with the pictures from other countries. That was a brilliant move by my beautiful wife. I think we'll have to keep up the tradition and get something for that room every time we go out of the country. How would Egyptian art look in there?

  2. Things are looking good. Let us know if we can help!!!