Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Laura Happiness

Poor Laura has also had to suffer quarantine while Sara still suffers on with RSV and now another virus on top of her RSV. So, I have been doing my best to have a few things Laura can do and be happy.

One of the most fun things has been letting Laura stay up late and watch the Jazz games with us. She loves yelling for Boozer. Also, she has learned the game enough that she can pause it if Jason and I are busy with Sara when there is a great play we need to see. "He buried the three" and "He slammed it home," are phrases she uses. Also, she is a good luck charm. Each time she watches the game, the Jazz seem to win.

The only people we have let her see are her grandparents. Nothing in the world makes Miss Laura happier than to hang out with her best friends -- her grandparents.

I also got her a cool craft that she could work on while I have been so busy holding a whining Sara or taking care of Sara's sicky needs: sucking the nose, administering medication, etc. She got a princess kit of crafts and has just gone to town all by herself. The glitter glue is a particular favorite.
We did break down and let Laura do one fun thing out of the house: she attended her cousin Emily's Princess Birthday Party. Yes, she dressed up as a princess with her lovely black eye. Keri had a super cute time planned and Laura thoroughly enjoyed herself. You can read about what they did HERE. But, the thing I was most excited about was how well little shy Laura did with a group of almost entirely new kids. It would appear she is really growing up. Oh, and then when we got her home, we stuck her in the tub to remove any chance of germs to try to protect poor Sara.


  1. Oh my does that girl love to craft. And princess stuff? That's the definition of a win/win!

  2. Glad she got to get out. Looks like fun.

  3. Our girls are so darling, if I do say so myself!!!!CUTE.