Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sick Sick Sick

Poor little Sara has been sick for a month. She has not gone a day without getting her nose sucked since she was diagnosed with RSV. This morning she was really wheezing so I took her to the doctor again. He informed me that RSV can last up to 8 weeks in a kid Sara's age. NASTY! And, now, she has another virus on top of the RSV. We are incredibly happy right now that I am a home mom. Can you imagine trying to figure out how to go 8 weeks without taking your child to day care while working?!

Sara is remarkably good natured about it all, but we miss her smiles and laughter. Though, the pound of weight loss (from nearly 21 to nearly 20) has not been the worst thing on my arms while I have to hold her ALL day long. Look at this poor sick baby!
So, we are now on serious quarantine at our house. The doctor said to do my best not to get either girl out in order to not expose Sara to any more illness. So, it would appear that this blog is as much as you'll be seeing of our family for quite a while.


  1. So sorry to hear about Sara. Poor liitle girl. Good thing she has such a good mommy an daddy to take care of her. It's rough though I know. Hang in there and hope to see you when all is better.

  2. She really is being a trooper. We hope she will be better soon. Poor little cutie.

  3. Poor little kid! She looks like she is being such a good sport about it. We'll definitely have to get her and Lucy together when she's feeling better!

  4. Sad news. Hope we can get together soon.