Thursday, October 27, 2011

Quick Trip: Boise, ID Area

Jason and I decided that now that I am feeling better and Eliza is sleeping better, to take more quick trips as a family. Yes, we can successfully sleep in a standard 2 Queen hotel room. We decided to go to Boise first, because we had a free hotel stay there. We looked up activities online and this is what we selected:

The girls learned that they never want to do anything that makes them have to go to jail. We also learned quite a bit about Idaho's history.
I saw where they developed my favorite rose: J&Ps Tropicana.
Jason adored the gun exhibit and got to see a Colt .45, a Gatling Gun, and a Luger in person!
The girls spent so much time in the hotel pool that we didn't get to DCI like we wanted to. It was a good tradeoff. They loved practicing their skills and having fun in the water.
Three Island Crossing State Park
We learned so much about Native American traditions and the history of the Oregon trail here. The Trail Center was fantastic and the views were pretty.

Breathtaking. Jason and I have both been to Niagra and agreed this was almost equally awe-inspiring. We spent hours looking at the waterfalls and the gorge.
Idaho State Capitol
We ended up looking all around the capitol building while waiting for breakfast. It was a GREAT use of time. We enjoyed the building, the state seal, the state bell, and a replica of the Liberty Bell.
DCI looked small so we stopped to play here for a few minutes after deciding not to spend the money for only a few minutes there and to spend that time at the pool. The girls loved the wildlife that surrounded us there.
Most of the food was excellent - we had two bummer lunches, but other than that, we ate like kings. Dinner at Rick's Press Room was excellent - such good salmon, great service, and good for the kids! Goldy's breakfast was heavenly- the BEST Eggs Benedict we've ever had and they were good with kids too. Dessert at The Creperie was amazing - we tried 4 kinds and ALL were delicious. We also picked up some of the girls favorite lunch beverage (Rootbeer Milk and Strawberry Milk) at the Gossner outlet in on our drive up.


  1. What a fun family trip!! Way to go. Those things are hard to do but so important. I'm so glad you had a good time!

  2. It was such a fun trip! I like these "mini" trips a lot. It was great to get someplace new and try different things. Now that Eliza can sleep with the rest of us, the sky's the limit!