Thursday, October 06, 2011

Laura's Crafting Party

Laura had her birthday party the Friday before her birthday. We had it at Crafter's Corner because I just didn't know how to do a crafting party on my own. This means she really had to limit the friends she could invite, but we ended up with the most adorable group of girls!
They each had the first letter of their name to decorate. They picked their colors and all worked really hard to paint them.
While the base coat of paint dried, Laura opened her presents.
The girls finished off their letters with glittered polka dots and a clear coat to seal. They also picked out a ribbon to tie on their finished product. Isn't Laura's cute?!
Since it was over dinnertime, we fed the girls pizza. Laura laughed her way through blowing out her candles. Everyone seemed to enjoy her specially requested "cookie" cupcakes.
I think it was a successful party. Laura certainly enjoyed herself and felt special. It was wonderfully low-stress to not have it at my house and be in charge of the crafts, and it wasn't very expensive.


  1. It was a blast! We did have the best group of little girls. Everyone had a great time and laughed and played. It worked out PERFECTLY!! Way easier than having it at our house.

  2. What wonderful pictures you got! I really like the window one, the one with Laurea and her cake, and the one with the finished product. They all smiled so nice! Lily had a great time. It was a wonderful idea to have it at a craft shop. I am glad that it was less stress for you!

  3. Sorry! I pushed the button and noticed I spelled Laura's name wrong!

  4. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Glad to see Laura had such a fun party! She is the cutest. JJ and I are getting really excited for her baptism this weekend!!

  5. Emma had a great time and raved about your cupcakes!

  6. What a fun party! I can't believe that Laura is 8! What a gorgeous girl.

    I am sure the cupcakes were fabulous too.