Monday, October 24, 2011

Going Batty

Sara thought it was very important to put the Halloween decorations the day after we got home from Disneyland. Disney was all decorated for the holiday and she thought our house should be too. Yes, it was still September, but we put them up anyways. Oh, how she loves "her" purple house.
The entryway got a few more bats this year - on the entry chandelier. The apothecaries got some visiting mice and skeleton hands. But, Sara's requested items (Mr. Skeleton and Pickles the Witch) are the most important.
Some more bats flew into the kitchen to hang out with Greenariffic Witch. And I found a place to hang my extra broom.
I hung up the prizes for this year's brew with removable picture hanging strips. Do they inspire you to create your hat??
Finally, we bought a new witch (at Laura's birthday party) and painted her black. I never thought I would have lawn ornaments, but if Martha endorses her, how could I refuse? She makes me happy :)


  1. The house is definitely festive and SO MUCH FUN!!! I love Halloween and the fun decorations we have to go with them.

  2. I just love that Sara! The house looks great and I am soooo excited for the party.