Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Since the arrival of Sara, our family activities seem to have diminished. We figured it was time for Laura to get out and have some fun at some place other than the cabin. So, naturally, we broke out our annual passes and went to the zoo. Jason took a half day on Friday so we could spend the time together as a family. Check out my three turkeys.
Laura had a grand time seeing all her favorite animals and sights. As usual, she guided us all around the zoo with her map.
We all enjoyed some new things; the white crocodile (who with the big belly and short little fat legs we humorously noted looks a bit like Sara's baby body) and the marshland exhibit (where Laura liked hanging out in the beaver lodge). Sara did really well in the stroller. It was nice to have that purchase confirmed as a good one.
We didn't stay particularly long because of the heat, and the time seemed just right for the girls. It was great to have that time together as a family.

That night I had a grand time with Andrea. We went and saw Hairspray and laughed our guts out. Originally we laughed because despite both outside times advertising that the movie began at 9:25, our tickets and the actual start time was 9:50. Then we got super excited because one of my favorite book series from High School is being made into a movie and we got to see the trailer: The Golden Compass. (One of my favorite recommendations from Steph. Yes, she was even that good in High School!) We ended up being the only people in the theater for the show and it made it ever so much fun to comment and truly laugh out loud. It was great girl therapy for me.

Saturday, we went back up to the cabin to do some more on the deck. We'd like to get it finished before sweat equity on the house begins. And there, we saw a real beaver! On the way home we did some shopping at the Park City outlets. Though I didn't find any outfits for the family picture we'll be taking this fall, we did get some good finds.

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