Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Recital and Eagle

We had a fun weekend enjoying the accomplishments of my brother Steve's kids. On Saturday Jason and I got our first real time away from both girls (Thank you, Jason's Mom) and enjoyed Becca and Jeff's amazing piano recital. Oh my goodness they are so good! It's incredible that a 15 and 16 year old can hold your attention for an hour and a half of music. We are also thrilled that as soon as Laura gets old enough that we'll be able to pay family for piano lessons.

We also got to see Jeff receive his Eagle Scout Award. It's fun to see that other people think he's as amazing as we do. We also enjoyed seeing Steve as Bishop and all the boys in their scouting garb. Think we'll be able to avoid any scouting callings with having only girls? Laura sure enjoyed the treats they had after.

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  1. Fun to be with family. And there are definitely benefits to having large extended families (piano lessons from family would be great).