Thursday, August 16, 2007


Happy Birthday, Jason! A sick baby means this post won't be quite as long a tribute as I'd like. However, your three girls wanted to let you know that you are our favorite boy! We each wanted to let you know our three favorite things about you.

Melinda: 1 - You are a worthy priesthold holder and my eternal companion. 2 - You are the best Daddy in the entire world to our precious girls. 3 - You take amazing care of me when I am sick and being that I seem to have been sick for the entire last year, that is one big task and you do it perfectly.

Laura (she told me these prompting): 1 - You laugh and tickle her. 2 - You play with her. 3 - You hug her at night when she is scared and you snuggle her.

Sara (okay, it's just my interpretation, but these seem to be her favorites): 1 - You are warm and comfy and make her feel good, particularly a warm hand on an upset belly. 2 - You make her smile. 3 - You are the fastest diaper changer ever.

Happy Birthday, honey! You are the best ever!

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  1. Happy Birthday Jason!!! I just think you are/were a great neighbor. We miss you playing with the kids (they miss you to and still ask us to play some of your games).