Thursday, August 16, 2007

Necessity: The Mother of ...

Invention, Crafting, Creativity?? Regardless, because of the needs of my little one, I have been exploring sides of myself that I normally don't explore. Or perhaps all my crafty friends are inspiring me.

Sara is a spitter. A serious spitter. Laura was not. Therefore, we had a serious lack of burp cloths at our house. I searched EVERYWHERE -- we are talking every single big box store for a month -- to find more of the wonderfully absorbent and big cloth diapers that were our favorites. They do not exist anymore. So, I had to take matters into my own hands in order to save my shirts, nose, baby clothes and poor Laura's gag reflex.

Let me introduce you to what I have humorously named the "Uber-Urper". It is my version of the ideal burp cloth: thick enough that it doesn't soak through, big enough that the wiggly baby doesn't dodge its coverage, very absorbent (ie: absorbs a lot and fast), and soft enough that she can sleep on it during middle of the night feedings. I particularly enjoyed using the decorative stitches on my sewing machine while making these.
Laura really enjoyed helping me sew. She picked out the colors of thread and decorative stitches. But, her favorite part was pressing the backwards button. Here is Jason modeling one of the new burp cloths. Oh, and another bonus, I finally have something that I can make for boy babies that arrive in the warmer months. I prefer that some part of my baby gift be handmade, alas, my repertoire was very limited when it came to boys.
Also, I made some binky straps for Sara because no store bought ones attatch to her preferred binky brand. Laura really loved helping me with these. We were able to work on patterns together and she just loved picking out the pretty beads. Any suggestions on how to make the clasps cute? I just can't come up with anything that doesn't fall off or get trashed in a matter of days.
Finally, I made some more bows for Sara. Why is a little girl with a bow on her head just so much more adorable?! This is my new favorite. (She is "hangin'" with Papaw in this picture...her favorite position when her tummy is bothering her.)


  1. Way to go. I love the decorative stitches. And you definitely have crafting talent. Don't sell yourself short.

  2. You are brilliant! Thank you so much for the burp cloths. They couldn't have come at a better time and they are perfect! I have been all over looking for the thicker cloth diapers and had no luck either and these burp cloths made me wonder why I didn't think of that. They are seriously perfect! And I'm so impressed with your sewing machine and the decorative stiches. I've already whined to Larry that I want a sewing machine that can do a cute star stitch like that. What kind of machine do you have?