Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Laura Activities

Now that I am finally feeling better, I've been trying to make sure that Laura has some special activity on a regular basis. One of her favorite things is playing outside with the ball. She is getting particularly good at baseball.
She also loves to run after the ball in the big common area. We are big fans of this activity as it helps her sleep better at night. We call it "Running Laura". And she seems to love it.

As you may have noticed, another one of her favorite activities is watching herself in video. We have been going through a lot of old ones on the computer together lately.

Naturally, one of her most favorite special activities is playing with friends. She has spent some great time with her best bud, Lily. Also, we had a fun picnic at the park with Ashton and Emma, and Lily and Micah. I really enjoyed the time with Karyn and Andrea as well.

I have been trying to do a few activities that are fun, but also have an element of learning in them. We made friendship bracelets for her cousins. It was a great opportunity to work on patterns and she was super proud of the results. (Her hair is in one of her new favorite do's in this picture; two "bouncy balls" with bows)
We also made cookies. We work on math when we bake. Laura reads the numbers of the ingredients and does some basic addition and subtraction for how many we have left to add, etc. Unfortunately, this cookie baking experience sold me on the joys of convection; faster baking with several pans at a time, and better results. My new oven will have to be convection now.
But, the best part of making cookies is delivering them. Laura delivered plates to her two favorite neighbors in my parents neighborhood. The neighbors loved the delivery, but I think they loved her chocolatey face even more. Laura's favorite delivery was to Daddy's work. She ran them into him and instructed him to share them with his friends in the meeting. She seemed to be a welcome interruption to the meeting.

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  1. I love all the fun activities. At least your keeping busy (keeping the baby blues away).