Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fabulous 4

There are lots of things going on in our lives that center around the #4. First of all, here are Sara's 4-month pictures. Please note the fabulously fuzzy hair that she has grown in the past month. Also, at her appointment she was 26 inches long (above the 97th percentile) and weighs 15 lbs 13 oz (95th percentile).
Laura at her 4 year old appoinment came in at 39 inches tall (50th percentile)and 32 lbs (25th percentile). Can you believe that like Sara, Laura was in the 90th percentiles when she was a little baby as well?! Here is a picture of my beautiful girls dressed by my brother Dave and sis-in-law Mel. (Thank you Mel for the intro to leggings...Laura is wearing them all the time now. They are ideal for my daughter who doesn't understand that in a dress you should sit like a lady, not a baseball player.)
Another fun 4 thing, is that I had a wonderful girls night (4 of us) to celebrate both Andrea's birthdays. (Despite much pushing to let me throw her a party, Andrea B. only let me do this for her birthday.) We had a wonderful night. We did some shopping at the outlets (where I only had success for the girls) and went to dinner at Squatters. Here is a picture of all of us with our (root) beers. It was a lovely night and I must acknowledge God's hand in my life for putting the 4 of us together in YW...they are some of the best friends a girl could ask for. They truly bless my life.
Finally, the best 4 of all: we passed our 4-way inspection with the house. This seemed to be a big hold up in getting into the new house. Now, we hopefully should make great progress and should be in the house in about 4 weeks. We are doing our (well, Jason and Dad are doing most of the work) best to make progress on the deck so that we can start the indoor sweat equity as soon as we can and not delay anymore. Can you tell that I am REALLY anxious to move in?! Today, insulation is going to be finished and drywall begun. will start to feel like a real house!

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  1. Cute post. It really is a blessing to have you girls as friends. Sorry you didn't have any success for you!!! Super cute pictures of the girls.